Personal Amplifiers

Personal amplifiers, also called PSAPs, are devices that help you hear better by essentially placing a magnifying glass on surrounding sound. They can be somewhat clunky, but when finances and dexterity are an issue that keeps you or your loved one from using complex hearing aids, a PSAP can do the job.

A personal amplifier is different from a hearing aid because it does not have the sophisticated programming capability that modern aids can offer. They amplify all sounds, not just speech or what is missing from the hearing system; while this may be ideal for certain types of hearing loss, most of our patients would benefit most from programmable amplification instead.

At Audiology Associates, we do offer personal amplifiers. We understand that not everyone is capable of using modern hearing aids, whatever the reason. Our goal is to help you hear better! Feel free to give us a call if you have questions about what we have for personal amplifiers.