Our providers, with 32 years’ combined experience, drive innovation in hearing. They inspire patients by sharing their passion for science, asking questions that build critical-thinking skills, and actively supporting them through difficult situations.

Our providers reach out to the community to bring real-world application of science to our patients, and they work within our three areas of focus – prevention, diagnostics, and rehabilitative audiology – to organize and present annual audiology updates. Each year our providers invite patients into our practice and demonstrate new technology and science developed by others in our field. We feel this is an excellent opportunity for patients as well as the community to learn how science can be a part of their future. In addition to our providers providing technical service in the office, they have realized that community outreach and being an advocate for audiology is part of the scope of the practice. Providers are serving on various boards in the community and working on projects outside the office. Our providers have participated in research projects, presented at conferences, written curriculums, and trained other audiologists.

“It’s providers like our team’s, with professionalism and unrelenting enthusiasm to educate, who make our audiology practice so powerful. This can only be accomplished with our entire team facilitating this process.”


Our Audiologists

Peter Marincovich, Ph.D., CCC-A

Director of Audiology Services
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Joseph Hardeman, Au.D.

Doctor of Audiology
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Daniel S. Park, B.S., Aud. Extern

Clinical Audiology Extern
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Our Staff

Tina Afifi

Patient Care Coordinator, Hearing Loss Support Specialist, Hearing Aid Dispenser
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Lisa Dehner, CCMA-AC

Hearing Loss Support Specialist, Hearing Aid Dispenser
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Jessica Aguinaldo, COHC

Practice Coordinator, Hearing Loss Support Specialist, Hearing Aid Dispenser
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Audiology Associates aims to bring the highest level of customer satisfaction to our patients while creating a dynamic working environment. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and industry knowledge.

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Open Positions

We are looking for an audiologist to join our team! The provider is responsible for administering diagnostic audiological tests that allow for differentiation between types of hearing disorders. The audiologist will provide comprehensive diagnostic testing including ABR, VNG, ECOG, VEMP and other tests as needed, counsel patients regarding test results, review hearing aid options which best meet the patients’ hearing care needs, and fit the patients with their chosen hearing instruments to ensure it is the best choice for them.

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