Judy is a joy to work with and always fixes whatever problem or concerns I may have. The office staff is very accomendating with appt and anything I may need. I may go in with anxiety and I walk out with a smile. Thank You for all help and I make a point of recommending this office to others.

Elizabeth Philipie


Dr. Marincovich & Staff,

I believe I’ve been a patient here for about 15 years now. through the years your staff have worked along side me & given me “hope” when I thought there was none! My love for my career is important and you have allowed me to remain doing what I love to do with the help of technology & encouragement along the way! You have worked with my schedule to see me along the way and I didn’t want this to go “unnoticed”! The latest device – my “caption phone” has been HUGE!! I cried the first time I used it at work because, “once again”, I saw “Hope” : ) “All because of YOU & YOUR STAFF!!”

“Thank you” from the bottom of my heart!!

Sincerely, Teisha C.

Extremely professional and confident in his assessment.

Diane Y. of Mendocino, CA
Review From: Healthyhearing.com

Candy HeartsJessica and Amy,
The candy hearts on Amy’s desk reminded me of Gregory Orr’s poem—though you would enjoy reading it.
Barbara M

Those pastel, candy hearts
By Gregory Orr

Those pastel, candy hearts
Emblazoned with phrases:
“Be My Valentine” or
“I Luv You.” How they
Simply appeared
In a little heap on your desk
Next to the inkwell
When you were in second grade.
They didn’t seem to come
From any one person
But from the universe.

The wonder of it: words
Printed on the heart,
As if each heart could speak
And chose to speak of love.

From the book: How Beautiful the Beloved
By: Gregory Orr

I have had a very positive experience with Audiology Associates that I would like to share with you.

My wife isn’t a nag but she was really after me to wear my old hearing aids so I tried them for a day.  I work part time in service to the public. My aids drove me crazy and I didn’t hear any better.

I called Audiology Associates for a hearing test to see what could be accomplished.  I got in within two days for my test.  The test was very through.  The doctor was very detailed with his explanation. It took about ten days to receive them. This was very impressive.  They were adjusted and ready to go.

I left the office and went outside and couldn’t believe what I hadn’t heard for years. I wore them for ten days in all different situations. I made notes and returned for an adjustment appointment.  They were minable because of the detail of the hearing test.

I obtained some accessories that greatly improved my experience. The first one is called a Streamer Pro 1.1. This acts as a blue tooth and interfaces with my hearing aids. I hear my cell phone directly in my hearing aid when I need that. I can hear and be heard extremely well. Others can’t tell that I’m talking on a cell phone.

The second accessory was the interface to my land line home phone.  It allows me to answer my phone from anywhere in the house. I also can answer in the back yard.

The last device was the TV interface.  I hear it everywhere in the house if I choose.

All of the people at Audiology Associates are very caring.  In less than a month, I had my hearing back.

Thank You

Mr. Warrick


To Dr. Marincovich,
I want to express to you the joy of being with Jim on the first public outing with his new hearing aids. I was so blessed to have my old precious husband back. He usually recedes and is uncomfortable, and ready to leave, and last night at our granddaughter’s birthday party, in a public place, which was very noisy, he was so comfortable, he enjoyed the conversation with everyone, and was attentive, and enjoyed himself so much…
I had prayed for clarity, attention, interpretation, and concentration as you had instructed, and God answered all those.
The whole family is blessed, and we sincerely want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
God bless you, and your work, and have a wonderful holiday season.
Thank you, J.M.


Ken and I would like to thank you for being so helpful and making us feel so comfortable teaching us about Ken’s hearing aids. You do a wonderful job and you can see that you love your work, you do it very well.


Dear Dr. Marincovich,
Thank you very much for your support of hospice patients served by Memorial Hospice through your donation of five Pocketalker Pro devices. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!
Sincerely, Nancy & John – Lynd An Ear Project


Judy, I wanted you and Amanda (I hope that was her name) to know how much I appreciated your expertise with my grandson Henry this morning. The time of the appointment was perfect, between meals and before afternoon nap time. He did very well for a 3 1/2 year old little boy and kudos to you both for treating him so special. Truly, he was paying attention and doing his very best because of you.

It was a pleasure meeting you. I was so happy to be accompanying Henry today. Your professionalism and caring demeanor was evident right out of the shoot! Thanks very much.
– K.D. (Henry’s Nonie)


For Mary Jane
By Barbara MacKay

Oh bird song so lovely and clear
Enough to make your eyes tear

Like Mahler’s lieder or that
Of Schubert or Brahms

Even the croak of the raven
Or wheedledee of the jay

Give us much pleasure
In sound baritonal and tenor

Yes, bird song is music my dear
And also a gift to the ear

What better reason to strive
To keep our heairng alive



Thank you for three years of caring service for my hearing aids. You were the one who listened to my needs and made necessary adjustments. The new tubing is a good fit. Jessica is a jewel, very pleasant and efficient. You make a great team.

Frances Kelly


I am a new and recent patient in the Santa Rosa office and I am writing to let you know what a great experience I had with all the staff I had contact with. Everyone was very professional, knowledgeable, kind and polite. I would like to especially recognize Judy my Audiologist who was very much all the above and more. I felt very comfortable with her as she explained the technology of the hearing device she recommned for me and answered all my questions. I also appreciated the follow-up call she made to see if I had additional questions or concerns after the fitting. The beautiful thank you card sent after my two week check up was a nice and thoughtful touch.

Thank you so much for everyone’s assistance toward improving the quality of my life.

Jim Wells

Dear Doctor Marincovich,

Recently I saw an article stating that significant progress had been made in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of hearing aids. My auditory equipment was not providing the hearing quality I desired, so I called your office, knowing that your firm has been in this area for many years, and has a fine reputation. I decided, at age 91, I’d like to spend my last years being able to hear.

Upon arrival at the Audiology Associates office, Audiologist Judy Conley steered me through the evaluation process, and conducted the necessary testing. I am very pleased with my new hearing equipment, as I can now hear conversations at the restaurant table, in spite of background noise. And to be able to hear and understand speakers at meetings is indeed rewarding. Also, I can now reduce the TV volume, a fact other family members appreciate.

I’ve found your staff to be efficient, courteous and obliging. And Audiologist Judy Conley exemplifies the high quality and professionalism featured by Audilogy Asssociates.

Thank you!

LB of Santa Rosa


My wife of many years and I sleep with her to my right. Problems in our intimacy developed. Then I was diagnosed high frequency hearing loss and tinnitus in my left ear. The fine people at Auditory Associates fitted me with state of the art hearing aids, and our intimacy has flourished.

What more could I want.

Thank You
– B. E.
Novato, CA



Thank you for your update. To quote my mother-in-law, “We LOVE Dr. Marincovich!”

Thank you so much for your expertise and efforts in making “M” a new person. The whole family has already been telling me that they notice a difference in his spirit, and the TV companion has brought Jeanne and him back together to watch movies with each other again. My wife just visited them and told me the fabulous news. “M” is engaging in conversations again instead of just sitting idle like he normally does when people visit him. He’s really been a happier person they say!!! I can tell that you’ve probably noticed his enthusiasm too!

– S.C.


Dear Judy,

A heartfelt thank you for your presentation at the Hearing Loss meeting last Friday at The Lodge at Paulin Creek. Judging from the reaction of those present it was much appreciated, most useful and very well received.

Thank you for your time and expertise.

– J.V.


I moved to Abilene, Texas and have found an audiologist that I’m as happy with as I was with you. You did have me spoiled with your service and I appreciate the help etc. you and your associates gave me through many years while I was living in Santa Rosa.

– B.A.


I am a patient at your Novato Office.

I experienced an issue with one of my Widex In the Ear Remote Control hearing aids.

My first experience with Joseph was when I dropped the hearing aid off at your office to be checked. Friendly, efficient, and very helpful. Joseph suggested an office visit so my other hearing aid could be checked as well. Great suggestion. I set up an appointment for the following afternoon.

The following afternoon, Judy Conley had checked the problem aid (microphone dirty), checked the other aid (OK), and I was on my way. On t he second visit, Joseph was again helpful and positive. A very impressive young man. You are fortunate to have him as an employee.

– L.B.


Dear Dr. Marincovich,

I wish to thank you for replacing my hearing aid. There are not enough words to tell you how much I appreciate that you have done this for me.

Thank you again
– Stella


Dear Sir or Madam:

Recently I purchased a hearing aid from you and was not sure if the cost vs. the benefits would be worthwhile. What convinced me to evaluate it was your promise if I didn’t like it I could return it within 75 days and all my money would be refunded. How could I go wrong?

I’ve been wearing it now for a little over a month. It truly made a difference. I’m hearing things now I haven’t heard since I was a child. It’s comfortable and can hardly be seen. Needless to say, my wife loves the fact I’m not always asking her what did he or she say. She’s asking me now the same thing.

Yes, I decided in the first few days of owning it that I’m going to keep it, and buy a second one when I can afford it. But most of all, the main reason I’m writing this is because of the outstanding support your company has given me. Every week or so one of your representatives has called me, checking to see if I had any questions, suggestions, or complaints. Moreover, last week I had a scheduled appointment with one of your staff. On the day of the appointment I received a telephone call from Tina Afifi informing me that your new office in my area was under repair and would I mind if they could make a home visit instead of me coming to your new office. In this day and age I felt this service was well above the call and duty and readily agreed.

Two of your staff, including Tina, arrived shortly thereafter. They were very helpful explaining how the hearing aid worked and about future follow ups. They were both very friendly, courteous, and professional.

I’m sure glad you were the company I chose. Keep up the good work.
Myron R. MacNeil
Fort Bragg, CA


Thank you for taking good care of my mom with her hearing. She got a lot of enjoyment out of watching T.V. and listening to the radio. Thank you again.
– Debra West


I would like to inform you that my mother Gertrude Jensen passed away on September 4. We were lucky to have had her for 97 years. Our family would like to thank you for the care you extended to mother to improve her hearing over the years she was your patient.
– Joanne Lubbers


First of all I want to thank you for the extra time and effort you have made for me. You have gone out of your way to solve my minor problems. I think in a short time you will have a winner with the right ear aid. I read the article in the P.D. the day before I last saw you. It was very well written and sounded just like you. Again thanks, and good luck.

A sincere thanks on behalf of all our seniors here at the Bennett Valley Center. Tina and Tim just finished the installation of the Loop Amplifier in our seminar room 18. Our History class meets Monday morning and many of those participants will be tickled to find the system up and running. We appreciate your generosity in donation and installing this equipment, Dr. Marincovich, as well as your continued support of our hearing clinic. Tina also mentioned your interest in using our computer room for some special class. I will contact you soon regarding the equipment we have and just how we can work out this program.
– Jan Post


Thank you for the donation of the portable hearing loop system for our work with older people here in the chapel at Spring Lake Village. It has already proven to be helpful to people in one of our small discussion groups. Your associate Tina has been terrific to spend time setting up the system and teaching us how to use it. We all appreciate it very much. I’ll continue to preach the good news of hearing aids to all who will listen. I’ll never understand why there is resistance to that gospel. I hope you are well, and thanks again.
– Bob Jones, Chaplain


Many thanks from Council on Aging and the people we service to Dr. Peter Marincovich of Audiology Associates. They donated the “looping system” that is now up and running in our new large conference room. Anyone with a hearing device who attends a function in that room will be able to hear better due to the loop. Thank you Dr. Marincovich, and your helpful staff who installed the device.
– Tim Spitzer and Tina Afifi.
Article in August 07 Newsletter


Hi Judy,

I am finally writing to let you know how pleased we are with the hearing aids you recommended for my husband Rich. As you know he was only able to hear out of his right ear for the last 3 years, then in December 2010 when he experienced not being able to hear hardly anything at all due to another loss in the right ear it was devastating.

We were referred to Audiology Associates and were pleasantly surprised to find that there was a solution to his problems. After some getting used to, he is now able to have a conversation with anyone and can hear with the help of the hearing aids in both ears. He is planning on going back to work very soon.

I also want to comment on the telephone and television equipment that we also purchased. He is now able to watch TV without using the “closed captioning” and talk on the telephone once again.

In December he was very depressed and thought he would never hear again. But with your help and the word exercises he has come a long way in a short time.

Thanks to you and everyone at Audiology Associates who are continuing to help us reconnect and communicate once again.

– J. & R. C.
Novato, CA


So thankful for all of your care for Marion and care you are always extending beyond extension, she really needs a person as we all do. Amanda did such a great job of helping her I cannot tell you the difference in Marion’s confidence with others now. Nobody wanted really to talk to her due to having to repeat all the time, and now communication is so much easier. Thank you for your work.
– Maria


Dear Dr. Marincovich,

Months ago Amanda Lee, representing Audiology Associates, quickly became one of our best friends! She and Judy Conley brought an afternoon of free hearing screenings to our Center and also became a financial sponsor of a caregiver workshop. The workshop took place last night and it was a terrific success. We had 28 caregivers, 3 care receivers (Hired Hands Homecare provides care at no charge for us), refreshments, and a dynamic presenter who spoke about self-care for our caregivers. They are a marginalized and often overlooked group of loving family members, often juggling caring for a parent with caring for the rest of their family, too.

We offer these workshops at no charge to the caregivers. And the only reason we can do that is because of sponsors like you. I cannot thank you enough. I was going to have to cancel this workshop until Amanda rescued it. I acknowledged you and your team in my welcome and let people know that you and your team are there for our community’s hearing needs.

Dr. Marincovich, thank you, thank you for being such a terrific community partner to Senior Access. I invite you to come to see our center (during the day we have a dynamic social program for people with dementia; in the evenings, caregiver support) and stay in touch as our new best friend!

Warmest regards,
Mimi Schreiber
Marketing Director


Was very pleased with the treatment I received. Judy the audiologist, was great. She made me feel at ease with the testing and the explanation of the results. The office staff was very professional and attentive. Although I decided not to get hearing aids at this time, I will certainly return to Audiology Associates when I am ready.

– C. W.


I have been wearing hearing aids for over 44 years. I have never experienced the competence, understanding and care that I recently received by Dr. Marincovich. For the first time ever, I walked out of an Audiologist office with new hearing aids that appear to be working perfectly the very first time. I look forward to continuing using Dr. Marincovich or his associates for my hearing needs.

R. A.