Dr. Marincovich Brings Balance Care to Northern California

Arms-UpAudiology Associates Balance Center offers one of the only multi-disciplinary balance care programs in Northern California. Audiology Associates and Dr. Peter Marincovich provide the latest testing and treatment options for patients suffering from balance disorders.

The majority of the population will experience difficulties with hearing and balance at some point in life. Symptoms of balance disorders can cause severe lifestyle disruptions, but there are solutions that can decrease and even end your balance problems once and for all. Dr. Peter Marincovich, owner and lead audiologist of the North Bay’s Audiology Associates, has treated hearing and balance problems in the area since 1984. Over the years, Dr. Marincovich’s Balance Center has optimized the coordination between neurologists, physical therapists, and Audiology Associates’ audiologists to bring comprehensive balance care to patients in the area.

Dr. Marincovich explains, “Dizziness or loss of balance is the second most common complaint heard in a doctor’s office. National Institute of Health statistics indicate that dizziness will occur in 70% of the nation’s population at sometime in their lives. What most people don’t know is that 85% of all dizziness symptoms can be attributed to an inner ear disorder, with or without accompanying hearing loss. With the propensity of vertigo and associated balance disorders so high, it is our mission at Audiology Associates to educate the public about their treatment options so that they will get the care they need.”

“Dizziness and imbalance are serious symptoms,” he continues, “and balance-related falls account for more than half of accidental deaths in the elderly. Dizziness often results from a combination of underlying causes, including neurological, and auditory disorders. At The Balance Center, we take a multi-disciplinary approach to treating patients with balance disorders, with frequent collaboration between neurologists, patient physicians, physical therapists, and audiologists. We have found that this approach brings the best results to our patients.”

The Balance Center at Audiology Associates is devoted to restoring and maintaining the function of the auditory and vestibular system. Within this environment, a team of experts has access to the latest treatment modalities and research protocols to aid in the diagnoses and treatment of patients. While balance disorders are most common in elderly patients, like many hearing-related health problems, dizziness affects people of all ages. The Balance Center at Audiology Associates is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment to test anyone from infants to seniors.

Dr. Marincovich and Audiology Associates urge all people suffering from balance disorders to seek medical attention from a balance expert. The Balance Center’s audiologists and technicians have years of experience working extensively with balance patients, helping them prevent falls, and regaining independence. Through a multi-disciplinary approach to assessment, diagnosis and therapeutic intervention, the Balance Center at Audiology Associates provides an academically based, cost-effective, thorough level of care that benefits patients to help them live a more full and active life.

Audiology Associates is Audigy Certified by AudigyGroup, and has offices operating in Novato, Mill Valley, Santa Rosa and Mendocino. With Dr. Marincovich leading the way, Audiology Associates delivers quality, personalized care in order to help patients find the perfect technology to suit their needs. Known to always have the latest digital hearing aids on the market, Audiology Associates has provided comprehensive hearing diagnostics and treatment to patients for over 28 years.