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Hearing aids, also called amplification devices or technology, are made by six major manufacturers: Starkey, Siemens, Widex, Oticon, and Resound. Don’t recognize these names, or have a hearing aid that isn’t one of the six? Chances are it was made by one of these companies, and distributed across the country under a pseudonym or proprietary name.

At Audiology Associates, we have the technology and expertise to alter and adjust any brand of hearing aid; if we don’t have the current software, we will acquire it if necessary. We understand that hearing aids can be purchased at several different places, but the care and precise fittings we provide our patients are unique to us.

The name associated with the technology we provide is called “AGX Hearing,” which does not belong to any one hearing aid manufacturer. Instead, it represents the level of technology, or adjustment capability, of the aids themselves. For example, if you are familiar with a top-level technology from Starkey and would like to keep with that manufacturer, we can provide you with our AGX top-level technology – and it can come from that same manufacturer. We want to eliminate guesswork in the hearing aid process; we don’t keep secrets. Once you speak with a provider about your hearing needs, a level of technology and a manufacturer will be chosen, allowing you to do the independent research you desire during the adjustment period.