Hearing Strategies Training

Hearing Strategies TrainingHearing involves not just your ears, but your brain. That’s why better hearing doesn’t stop at finding the best hearing aid or device. No matter what your level of hearing loss, you can learn life skills that can help improve your hearing and your ability to communicate with others.

Audiology Associates offers individual and group “Hearing Training” classes on a range of topics, including the following:

  • Better listening skills and strategies
  • Speech reading, also known as lip reading
  • How to help others in your life learn “clear speak” so you can understand them better
  • Communication strategies to improve understanding between you and those in your personal, social, and professional networks
  • Strategies to improve your hearing in noisy situations
  • Methods and techniques for getting the most out of your hearing aids
  • Assistive technologies that can help improve your hearing aid performance
  • How to utilize closed-captioned devices to your advantage
  • How to train your brain to listen better (auditory retraining therapy)

At Audiology Associates, not only can we help you hear better, but we can also help you and those you interact with learn how to communicate better despite hearing limitations. Get started on the road to better hearing by calling our Santa Rosa, Mendocino or Mill Valley locations today toll-free at (866) 520-HEAR (4327)or request an appointment online.