In The Spirit Of Giving…

Pocket TalkerAudiology Associates recently donated two assistive listening devices, Pocket Talkers, to the Sherwood Oaks Healthcare Center. The device is placed around the neck of a hard of hearing individual, and an earpiece is then placed in the individual’s ear. Additionally, there is a microphone for the talker to be able to speak directly into. Pictured below are Erin Detrick, Director of Social Services at Sherwood Oaks Healthcare Center, and Jessica Aguinaldo, Hearing Loss Support Specialist in the Mendocino Audiology Associates office.

Ms. Aguinaldo has been visiting Sherwood Oaks over the past year to provide complimentary services. She noticed many of the residents do not have hearing technology, but could significantly benefit from some type of assistance to facilitate more effective communication, and ultimately improve their quality of life. She also observed many of the residents having difficulty communicating with their loved ones when they would visit.

A hearing loss can cause decreased participation in social situations and isolation, and Audiology Associates is committed to helping the community stay connected and live their lives to the fullest. Practice Owner, Peter J. Marincovich, Ph.D, CCC-A, Director of Audiology Services and his team know that Assistive listening devices can provide enriched conversations, better communication and connection for the residents of Sherwood Oaks Healthcare Center.

Ms. Detrick reports that many residents have enjoyed the opportunity of better hearing. Using the Pocket Talker has increased their ability to participate in one-on-one conversations, small group listening, television listening, and communicating with their health care professionals.