Mild Hearing Loss Associated with Brain Degeneration in Adults

brain listening

A recently published study by researchers at University of Pennsylvania reveals that hearing loss causes accelerated degeneration in the region of the brain responsible for processing auditory information. It is also believed that this degeneration causes an increase in the effort required to comprehend speech—even for those with a mild hearing loss.

And the researcher’s consensus in delaying brain atrophy and decreasing the effort in comprehending speech? Hearing aids.

According to lead author of the study, Jonathan Peelle, PhD, research associate in UP’s Department of Neurology, “As hearing ability declines with age, interventions such as hearing aids should be considered not only to improve hearing but to preserve the brain.”

The results of this study not only stress the importance of wearing your hearing aids daily, but also the importance of monitoring your hearing health through regular evaluations and recalibrating your devices if any changes to your hearing have occurred.

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