Preventing Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

nihlSanta Rosa, CA, August 21, 2012–Audiology Associates owner and lead clinical audiologist, Peter Marincovich, Ph.D., recently had his article “Preventing Noise-Induced Hearing Loss” published. Dr. Marincovich has a Ph.D. in Audiology, and he frequently presents at academic seminars. In his latest article, Dr. Marincovich shares his knowledge about Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) and gives practical advice on how to prevent it.

Dr. Marincovich comments on NIHL, “With all the loud technologies we have today–jet engines, amplifiers, car horns, earbuds, and buzz saws, to name just a few–virtually everyone faces daily exposure to damaging levels of noise. Audiologists regularly see 20-year-olds with the hearing of 60-year-olds. Noise-induced hearing loss is preventable, but irreversible. Learning the noise levels that cause hearing damage and avoiding them are the best ways to inhibit NIHL.”


The volume of sound and amount of time a person is exposed to a noise are the main factors determining the level of risk in exposure to excessive sound. The volume of sound produced in a normal conversation is about 60 decibels (dB), and any levels above 80 dB can inflict hearing damage. Can anyone go anywhere today without being exposed to damaging noise? Dr. Marincovich’s words demonstrate an astonishing point–the pervasiveness of damaging noises in modern day life causes a pandemic of NIHL.


As a certified audiologist with over 28 years of professional experience, Dr. Marincovich takes on the responsibility of educating the public about ways to avoid NIHL. His article provides a model with three simple keys to the prevention. According to Marincovich, first and foremost, (1) one should understand which noises can cause a risk to your hearing ability. Marincovich proposes a general rule that if you can’t carry on a conversation without shouting at someone within a few feet, then the background noise is probably damaging. He goes on to advise (2) turning down the volume whenever possible, and (3) wearing earplugs to muffle noise when loud sounds, such as amplified music, are near.


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