Protecting Children’s Hearing from Loud Toys

Though it’s common knowledge that hearing loss affects people of all ages, we often
unintentionally expose our loved ones—specifically our children and grandchildren—to dangerous levels of noise. While we would think nothing of setting volume limits on the TV or stereo to protect their #hearing, noisy toys are often considered little more than an annoyance for their repetitious rhapsodies and constant need of fresh batteries. But some of these noisy toys can reach an excess of 120 dBs. To put it into perspective, that’s equivalent to the sound level a jackhammer or ambulance siren!


Is Their Favorite Toy on the List?

For well over ten years, the Sight and Hearing Association (SHA) has annually published a list of the year’s noisiest toys to warn holiday shoppers of the potentially harmful purchases. The SHA tests the toys for loudness both near the ear (as children tend to hold their toys closely as they play) and at an approximate arm’s length (ten inches from the ear.)


We Can Help Detect Dangerous Sound Levels

Many smart phones have available apps for testing sound levels, but if you don’t have a smart phone or have purchased a toy that you think poses a potential noise risk, give us a call for an appointment and we’d be happy to help you determine the noise level.

We Have the Answer!

Stop by Audiology Associates this holiday season and consider purchasing special earphones for children called Kidzsafe. These earbuds are Audiology recommended and automatically keeps the volume safe with a limited volume level of 85dB. You get sound at a safe volume and for the holidays we are offering them at 10% off the retail price.


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