We can’t expect our patients to succeed without proper supplements and aftercare. That’s why we have developed specific processes for following up with your progress, retesting your hearing as needed, and updating or adjusting technology while your life changes.

Aftercare is much more than just keeping in touch with you, however; it is about setting you up for success with communication for a lifetime. By augmenting your hearing treatment with classes, counseling, home materials, and other resources, you stand the greatest chance to improve your hearing to the best that it can be.

You may not even struggle with communication so much as you do tinnitus, hypersensitivity, or music listening; we commit ourselves to standing by your side and helping you through, regardless of your struggles!

Also at Audiology Associates, we have the Centurion Club, which means when you reach the age of 100, you receive complimentary ‘clean and checks’ for your technology as well as hearing aid batteries for life!

To help we offer: