Beyond the most common ALDs (used for television and telephone), there are many visually based alerting devices (ADs) designed to alert hearing impaired and deaf people to special circumstances and situations. For example, alarm clocks with traditional bells and buzzers are of little use for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss. Therefore, special alerting devices are built into alarm clocks with strobe lights, or perhaps vibrating pillow inserts—to help wake people who cannot hear the typical alarm. Additionally, fire and smoke alarm systems are available that offer visual alarms, too.

Importantly, with the introduction of Bluetooth wireless connectivity, more and more of the products that were previously “add-ons” to hearing aid systems (such as TV and telephone-based ALDs, FM systems and more) are being incorporated into advanced hearing aids as a more complete and often seamless “listening system.” Please speak with your audiologist to learn about advanced wireless systems and features, which can be incorporated into some advanced hearing aid systems.

These products (ALDs and ADs) are commercially available and are highly recommended. Please speak with your audiologist about ALDs and ADs, to get the best and most useful products to enhance your listening experience.