US Volleyball Olympian Competes with Hearing Loss

27-year-old David Smith

27-year-old David Smith is a first-time Olympian with the United States’ volleyball team, where he plays the important position of middle blocker.

According to assistant coach John Speraw, Smith is “a great all-around player,” one who “gets the ball and knows just what to do with it.”

So what’s so unusual about this Olympic competitor? Smith has a significant hearing loss—an 80-90% loss that he’s had since birth. Smith has managed his hearing loss by wearing two hearing aids since he was 3.


Technology advances help in competition

Smith says that competing while having hearing loss is all he’s ever known, and his main problem in the past was excessive sweating caused his hearing aids to go out. He now has a new set that is effective even during competition. You now have access to the same type of technology.


Be active. Be yourself

Even if you aren’t as active as an Olympian, sweat and moisture can hinder hearing aids’ effectiveness. Luckily, AGX Hearing has new technology that features a special coating designed to block the effects of oils and moisture, so you can remain active while enjoying the benefits of better hearing.

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