Since 1984, we’ve helped the North Bay hear and communicate better.
Audiology Associates offers a comprehensive approach to the science of hearing, from state-of-the-art diagnostic testing services and digital hearing technology to assistive technology and rehabilitative therapy. Our team of fully credentialed certified audiologists and trained audiology aides work with you and your physician to accurately assess your needs, then develop a plan of action to ensure you the best hearing possible.

At Audiology Associates our focus is simple and clear: We help you hear better and communicate more effectively.

A doctor-recommended approach

Ask your physician how he or she would want to be treated for a hearing loss. The program of care your doctor describes will mirror the path you’ll take at Audiology Associates: accurate assessment using specialized technology and expertise, followed by quality amplification and therapeutic education.

A 21st century path to better hearing

Your Audiology Associates experience will begin with a thorough evaluation of your hearing. We don’t rely on broad testing methods. Our expert audiology team obtains detailed measurement, accomplished using the latest in diagnostic testing equipment. Your assessment may include:

  • Pure tone air and bone conduction testing
  • Speech threshold and discrimination testing
  • Immitance (impedance) testing, including tympanometry, acoustic reflexes, and reflex decay
  • Special testing services (OAE, ABR, ENG, HINT)
  • Speech and noise test
  • Uncomfortable loudness measure
  • Articulation indexing
  • Auditory Mapping

The information we gather during your evaluation enables Audiology Associates to tailor your care precisely to your individual needs.

If we determine that a medical problem is causing your hearing loss, our audiologists will work with your physician to devise an appropriate treatment plan. If your hearing can be improved using assistive devices, we’ll help you explore the range of available options, including:

  • Digital hearing technology
  • Real ear and speech mapping testing
  • Custom hearing aids
  • Teleloop systems
  • FM Systems
  • Infrared and Bluetooth devices
  • Lip reading and listening therapy programs
  • Visual alarms for the door or telephone


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