Interested in our Drop-In Clinic?

Our Drop-in Clinic is run by one of our clinic staff and you can attend without an appointment.  However, there may be waits at peak times, it is first come first serve, so your patience is appreciated.

Drop-In Hours:

Monday: 1:30PM – 4PM*

Friday: 9AM – 11AM*

*These days and hours are subject to change without notice, we recommend always calling ahead before arriving.

Call Ahead if Possible

It is highly recommended to call the day of, to make sure the clinic is available, as due to unavoidable circumstances we have to limit or cancel the clinic if no staff is available.

What we can do at Drop-In Clinic:

  • Tubing replaced on a hearing aid and earmold
  • Activation of the T-Coil program
  • Adjustment to the length of the tubing or wire to ensure comfort.
  • Basic clean and checks of hearing aids and accessories
  • Set up of loaner should a hearing aid need factory service
  • HA volume increase is wanted or turning down should they feel the overall volume is too loud
  • Replacing domes and wax guards/mic covers
  • Changing batteries
  • Ensure HA is working properly

What we cannot do at Drop-In Clinic:

  • Hearing test or retest
  • An adjustment made to the sound quality of the hearing aid
  • Fitting of new hearing aids and accessories
  • Remote care visits
  • Cognivue initial testing
  • OAE/Tympanometry/Impedance/Reflexes
  • No Pediatric patient that has Not been seen by an Audiologist
  • No Pediatric patient under the age of 10 for anything besides a cleaning or tubing change
  • Impressions
  • Repair pick up appointments
  • Connectivity set up/issues

Does this sound right for you?

Don’t forget to call ahead if possible!