Follow-up Appointments

After you have been fitted with technology, we will be available for any adjustments you may need. To ensure your new hearing technology is functioning properly, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled within 1-2 weeks of your fitting. At this appointment, adjustments could be made to your instruments to further improve your hearing abilities in the situations important to you.

Active Listening

It is important to participate in the recommended auditory re-training program to ensure you are able to hear and understand as much as possible. These programs could include aural rehabilitation, lip-reading, communication enhancement and speech therapy. Combining a re-training program with your new hearing system will ensure the best possible integration of the technology into your life and maximize
the value of your investment in better hearing.

Cleaning and Check-Up Appointments

To ensure your hearing technology is functioning at its best, we offer cleaning and check-ups of your system We recommend you utilize this service every 3-4 months for maximum benefit.

Technology Verification

For most patients, hearing loss is a gradual process. This could mean that hearing ability and comprehension are still affected while utilizing hearing technology. Because of this, it is important that your hearing loss is monitored to ensure the
technology is meeting your needs. We recommend visiting us annually for this verification.

Technology Adjustments

As you begin using hearing technology, adjustments could be necessary. Depending on your primary environments, different programs could
need to be updated and adjusted to meet your needs. Remember, these adjustments are normal.


We are now offering Curbside Service, Remote Care, and virtual visits in our office to all of our patients. Providers and patients can share information in real-time from one computer screen to another. Using Virtual Visits and remote care, patients can see a
provider and go over histories, discuss any issues, adjust hearing aids (not all models allow this) and come up with a treatment plan. Patients can consult with a provider from the comfort of their home.