Hearing Aid Evalutation

A Truly Custom Experience

Each individual’s ear is unique and no two ears are alike. This is why we have invested in advanced training and technology that allows us to ensure you are experiencing the complete range of sounds to the fullest benefit your hearing technology can provide.

We believe our job is to match your personal sound expectations to your customized hearing technology. Size, shape, firmness, and past ear problems can make significant differences in the way you perceive sound. Factory specifications for hearing devices are based on the average ear, which is a great baseline starting point, but may not be suitable or relevant to your individual ear.

What makes us unique is we use tools like Real Ear Aided Testing and our training to create an individualized, prescriptive fit. Our focus on the person and each patient is individual and the right adaptive process is Unique to us, you, and our prescriptive approach. Real Ear Aided Testing allows us to significantly improve your personal hearing experiences. We are committed to each person we serve in the delivery of better hearing, one person, one hearing solution at a time!