Hearing Protection

What Hearing Protection suits you?

Loud sounds are all around us. Whether you attend music concerts, walk by noisy road construction, or have large motorcycles pass you on the road, we encounter these loud sounds all the time. The longer we are exposed to these loud sounds, the more likely we are to experience hearing loss as a result. There are also age-related concerns tied to hearing loss which is why it is important to identify which type of hearing loss you’re experiencing in order to recommend the best treatment.

In general, there are two types of protective equipment: earphones (headphones) and earplugs. Each application is appropriate for the specific task and user. Some people in very loud work environments use both. There are specific-use products within these two categories, each designed to help with differing tasks.

Musician’s ear monitors

Most people have seen stage musicians wearing monitors at shows. They are designed to allow as much music as possible through to the eardrum while protecting the ears from concussive and driving sound that can be damaging. This type of hearing protector is recommended for those working in loud music venues like waiters, bartenders and show personnel operating lighting and sound displays.

64 Audio

The 64 Audio company makes in-ear monitors for musicians and others. These electronically controlled ear monitors use sophisticated technology that allows musicians to hear every note, regulate their sound environment and still be protected from harsh, percussive sound while on stage.

Shooters’ earphones

Shooting produces one of the most concussive sounds that we encounter. Shooting earphones contain a small valve that closes when shots are fired. The concussive sound wave hits the valve before it can reach the eardrum. The valve, when open, allows shooters and hunters to hear more sound around them than conventional earphones would allow.

Swimmer/diver earplugs

These products are not designed to defeat sound but to protect from constant exposure to water and pressure. Swimmers use earplugs to protect against the constant flow of water into the ears as they swim.

Westone Hearing Products

Westone features custom hearing protection molded devices and universal fit earphones. Westone products help protect hearing and enhance listening in special environments like concert monitoring, loud or intense noise situations like aircraft and in the sports or shooting fields.

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