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Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

With June as Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, now is an ideal time to hear what is possible. From a public health policy perspective, this is a crucial topic for our beloved that are affected, caregivers and those following in their footsteps. As stated in a [...]


Precious Sounds, In Your Circle of Life

Wellness is a commonly used word and hope springs eternal. While frequently referenced in general terms, thoughtful disciplines can lead to healthier lives. With physical wellness, we think of exercise, counting steps, reps or trips to the gym. With mental wellness, we ponder degrees of happiness, self-esteem and power of [...]


Learning About Ototoxicity, the Right Prescription

Do you take multiple medications or are you considering medical treatment options requiring them? Chief among the marvels of modern medicine is how pharmaceutical therapies can help manage acute or chronic conditions. Whatever one’s personal opinion, who would have imagined Covid-19 vaccines would be developed so quickly? [...]


Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), how one thing can lead to another

Throughout life’s journey, while some healthcare situations are acute, like emergency room trips, other chronic conditions can affect us for years. Especially with long duration disease states, it is vital to learn how body systems may be gradually impacted, so potential problems can be managed and reduced. [...]


Learn How Your Ears Are a Window to Your Heart

On Valentine’s Day, many aspire to flowers, chocolate and loving moments. While enjoying heartfelt reflections, it is also critical to discover how healthy hearts and eating smart can positively influence our quality of life for years to come. With approximately 655,000 people dying annually of heart disease [...]


Better Hearing and Vision Just Makes Sense

Hearing and visual impairments are common in older adults, with an estimated 33% of individuals age 70 years and older are affected by hearing loss and 18% by vision impairment. Because the incidence and prevalence of these sensory impairments increase with age, hearing and vision loss will [...]

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