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Ear to Heart, Live Smart

Let’s talk systems. Our homes are powered by electrical systems, cars are driven on highway systems, and as consumers, we navigate the healthcare system. Systems-thinking provides a broader view of how specific events fit into overall structures, patterns and cycles. Consider the 5 Ws: Who, what, where, [...]


See Better. Hear Better. Live Life Well.

While we sometimes take our bodies’ senses for granted, going 5 for 5 helps us thrive. Regarding functional abilities, it is vital to… Hear Better. See Better. Live Life Well. With aging’s growing influence on vision and hearing, it is estimated that by 2030, as many [...]


Manage Your Tinnitus, Train Your Brain

Every day, we experience and make decisions about things that go together. From football games on Sunday to turkey at Thanksgiving, pairings are common. In reflecting on routine combinations in your life, are patterns recognized? By analogy, you should know how hearing loss relates to common medical [...]


Diabetic Risks. Be In the Know.

What is a well-respected entity with 250 staff members, professional society of 16,000 healthcare professionals and network of 565,000 volunteers devoted to raising awareness of diabetes pervasiveness, preventative factors and quality of life detriments? The American Diabetes Association, known as the ADA. Above and beyond their 24/7/365 commitment to [...]


Dual Sensory Wellness, Sensibly Happy.

While we aspire to celebrate happiness, with stressful things going on in our world, it is normal to experience highs and lows of mood. If someone in your circle of life occasionally has these feelings, they are not alone. Sadly, research indicates “the prevalence of depression in patients [...]


Be Careful, Don’t Fall

Did you know poor hearing acuity may increase the risk of falls potentially reducing mobility, ability to perform daily activities and life expectancy? Intuitively and from experience, we realize falling is a bad thing. From toddlers to elders, “be careful, don’t fall” is sound advice. At home, work [...]

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