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Be Careful, Don’t Fall

Did you know poor hearing acuity may increase the risk of falls potentially reducing mobility, ability to perform daily activities and life expectancy? Intuitively and from experience, we realize falling is a bad thing. From toddlers to elders, “be careful, don’t fall” is sound advice. At home, work [...]


Cognitive Decline, Sensible Understanding

Consumers contending with a barrage of advertising normally analyze decisions about which products to purchase and why. Given perceived needs or wants, decision-making criteria might include:• Overall functionality • Features and benefits • Known costsFor instance, with essential cars and computers, we expect them to run properly without nuisance or complications. In [...]


Prevent Hearing Loss, For Life

We are dedicated to educating you, loved ones and colleagues how to safeguard sensitive hair cells integral to processing precious sounds. You should know which loud noises can cause damage, wear ear protection as necessary and have periodic hearing testing. Be aware that males and those [...]


Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

With June as Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, now is an ideal time to hear what is possible. From a public health policy perspective, this is a crucial topic for our beloved that are affected, caregivers and those following in their footsteps. As stated in a [...]


Precious Sounds, In Your Circle of Life

Wellness is a commonly used word and hope springs eternal. While frequently referenced in general terms, thoughtful disciplines can lead to healthier lives. With physical wellness, we think of exercise, counting steps, reps or trips to the gym. With mental wellness, we ponder degrees of happiness, self-esteem and power of [...]


Learning About Ototoxicity, the Right Prescription

Do you take multiple medications or are you considering medical treatment options requiring them? Chief among the marvels of modern medicine is how pharmaceutical therapies can help manage acute or chronic conditions. Whatever one’s personal opinion, who would have imagined Covid-19 vaccines would be developed so quickly? [...]

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