Hearing Aid Batteries

All About Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing devices need a steady power supply from a quality hearing aid battery in order to run effectively. Even subtle changes in a battery’s output can mean the difference between clear performance and poor volume or noise control. As you enjoy the service your hearing aid provides, be sure to know all about your device’s battery!


Hearing aid batteries should be stored at room temperature. Avoid placing it in humid or hot places, and take care to avoid moisture. Wipe the outside of the hearing aid daily with a soft, dry cloth or tissue to keep excess moisture from seeping into the battery.

A hearing aid dehumidifier can help keep your battery in working order. It’s also a good practice to leave the battery compartment or casing open at night so that fresh air can enter the hearing aid and dry it more completely.


In recent years hearing aid battery manufacturers have developed a color-coded system to make finding your battery size easier. After removing the old battery, you will notice a colored tab on the back of it. The Rayovac diagram below should be applicable for all manufacturers. Yellow means your battery is size 10 or 230; brown is size 312, orange is size 13, and blue is size 675.

Some manufacturers place a letter before or after the battery size, so it may be listed as “A10” or “10A.” You can ignore this letter. An A10 or 10A battery is equivalent to size 10.


The normal lifespan of your battery depends on the power of the battery, how often you are in a noisy environment, the settings used, type of hearing aid, and available functions. Your hearing health professional can give you a good estimate depending on your hearing aid type and other information you provide.

Typical battery use is 5 to 14 days. If you find you are replacing the hearing aid battery often, you might want to consider purchasing a rechargeable hearing aid battery. They cost more initially, but they save money in the long run. Plus, you can recharge them while you sleep, so you don’t have to worry about your battery failing during the day.