Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing Aids fitted specifically to you

Selecting the correct hearing aid is a very important process. It is the backbone of all supportive audiology services used to adjust the device to suit your specific needs. Only once we have selected the appropriate hearing aid, after a thorough hearing aid evalutation, will Dr. Marincovich program the device based on your prescribed treatment plan.  Dr. Marincovich will then explain how to use your device, how to put them in the ear, how to change or charge batteries and how to care for and clean your device. This process should take about one hour to ensure the appropriate calibration and treatment plan are in line with your lifestyle. It is also a good idea to bring a loved one along for the appointment. There will be a lot of information given, so let them come to lend an ear and be supportive during this process. We will additionally send you home with all the information, paperwork, and instructions necessary to make this device a success for you.

Understanding your new hearing aids

Getting used to your new device can be an emotional, new process. After all, you may be able to hear in a way that you haven’t heard before. This is normal and to be expected. Since the goal is to make the hearing aids comfortable and pleasant, minor adjustments may be required to get things sounding just right.  Should there be a need for additional testing or calibration, Dr. Marincovich will make sure that the hearing aids are giving you the appropriate level of sound where you need it. If you have any concerns, remember to ask any questions to help us help you make the hearing aids work the best as possible.

Let’s get the right hearing aids for you.