Our personalized care approach is specific to you, your ears, and your lifestyle.

Since Dr. Marincovich started his practice in 1984, the goal has always been to develop a comprehensive, individualized, prescriptive approach to helping patients communicate more effectively with their loved ones within their environments. Since each patient is different, we first begin by understanding what lifestyle the patient currently has.

Defining Your Listening Lifestyle

Listening lifestyles are defined by the daily activities you frequent most and the amount of background noise in those environments.



  • Limited music
  • Limited religious services
  • Limited shopping
  • Limited telephone use
  • Occasional television
  • One-on-one conversations
  • Visitors


  • Home movies
  • Moderate communication requirements
  • Most television
  • Occasional driving
  • Occasional telephone use
  • Quiet restaurants
  • Quiet shops
  • Quiet work environments
  • Recorded music
  • Small family groups
  • Small meetings
  • Weekly religious services


  • Cell phone use
  • Airports or travel
  • All television
  • Concerts and musical events
  • Diverse restaurant environments
  • Family gatherings
  • Frequent driving
  • Group meetings or classrooms
  • Movies at the theatre
  • Noisy work environments
  • Outdoor events
  • Parties or social events
  • Religious services and activities
  • Shopping malls
  • Volunteer activities.

Understanding the effect on your loved ones.

Hearing loss affects your companion, too

Once someone suspects they have hearing issues, they’ll wait, on average, seven years before getting a hearing evaluation. One reason is they don’t think it affects the people around them. But a study by The National Council on Aging had surprising findings: After study participants with hearing loss began using hearing aids, their family members reported better relationships at home, better feelings of self-worth, better relationships with children or grandchildren, and even better physical health.

Inviting a loved one shows you recognize that it affects them. It also shows you respect their insight, thoughts, and feelings about this important step you’re taking.

Your technology can be tailored to the voice you hear the most

If we decide technology is the best solution, you can bring whoever you’re around the most – a sibling, spouse, a child – to the fitting appointment so we can optimize the technology for their voice.

If you’re experiencing hearing loss,

we’d love to guide you through our process.

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