Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Loss of hearing can affect anyone. Hearing problems, whether temporary or permanent, should be addressed immediately. Hearing professionals are trained to quickly and efficiently test your hearing, diagnose problems and offer the best treatment options.

Your hearing should be a vital part of your regular health monitoring regimen. Just as you wear sunglasses or goggles to protect your eyes, your ears need protection from loud and continuous noise. If you notice any changes to your hearing, get a hearing test done as soon as possible.

Here are just some of our hearing care services:

Hearing tests (ear function evaluations)

In nearly all cases, the first step to take if you suspect a hearing problem with yourself or someone else is to take a basic hearing test. Tests are quick and easy. The results give hearing health professionals a large amount of information about your hearing ability.

Hearing tests involve listening to various tones and words through earphones. The audio professional might also attach a microphone near your ear to record the way small bones pick up sound. These few minutes of audio sounds are recorded graphically and show which tones you hear well and which you don’t.

Hearing aid evaluation and selection

Not every hearing problem requires the use of hearing aids. Some are temporary; some are not yet at the stage to recommend a device. However, if you need a hearing aid, Audiology Associates offers products and services of the highest quality.

Hearing aids are miniature marvels of technology capable of self-adjustment, Internet connectivity and more. There are many sizes and styles to choose from and we will recommend the best device for your needs. The hearing aid is designed for your ears only and custom made to perform correctly.

Hearing aid dispensing and fitting

Selecting a hearing device that will perform for years to come is just the beginning. Every device is set for a baseline determined by your hearing tests. From there, adjustments are made based on your experience with the instrument. Volume can be set up or down, and some devices adjust automatically to your listening environment.

Our hearing health professionals will fit the device, show you how to change batteries (if required) and show you how to clean the hearing aid correctly. Over time, we will refit and adjust as needed and recheck your hearing to see if anything has changed.

Hearing aid repairs

Hearing devices can break or stop working properly for many reasons. Should something happen to your hearing aid, we will test it and repair it. Sometimes, we will send the device to a factory authorized repair center. Small wires and plastic parts can wear out over time; we make sure your hearing aid is performing at top efficiency.

Tinnitus evaluation and management

Many people suffer from tinnitus; a condition also called “ringing in the ears.” This hearing problem is common and irreversible, but treatments have become available over the last few years to mitigate the symptoms. The whooshing, buzzing or whistling noise in the ears is the hallmark symptom of tinnitus. An initial test for the condition includes checking the head and neck for injury, checking tympanometry or reaction of the eardrum, and testing the auditory nerve.

Most tinnitus is accompanied by hearing loss as people age. The treatment choices include noise masking using sound machines, music or television, as well as hearing aids that emit a low level of countering noise with a masking feature. Social and psychological counseling is also recommended to teach the brain to ignore or hear tinnitus as background noise; and other training exercises.