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On the Frontlines and the Homefront, Our Otoscopes Bring Light to Better HearingFor Ukraine From the Heart
Having announced our For Ukraine, From the Heart™ humanitarian initiative on July 2022, we appreciate the opportunity to proudly update our beloved community. As you may remember, this was our introduction when we started.

Since that time, led by Andrew Lesyshyn’s generosity and dedication, no easy task given logistical challenges. As war continues and winter approaches with the utmost humility, we are delighted to know hundreds or perhaps thousands of individuals, civilian and military, will benefit from higher quality hearing care, nationwide.
Here are the cities where otoscopes have been delivered:

Cities where otoscopes have been delivered

With deep respect and admiration, we honor these courageous people, who, on a daily basis, expertly use these otoscopes to improve quality of life. We can only imagine, from children’s whispers in unspeakably challenging moments to wartime communication amid tragic sounds, how and why Joys of Hearing are precious.

Donated otoscopes being used in Ukraine.

Donated otoscopes being used in Ukraine

Want to get more involved?

Canvas artworkTo learn more about our philanthropic endeavor, please visit our practice at, 1111 Sonoma Ave. Suite 316, Santa Rosa, CA 95405, to join many others who have indelibly penned heartfelt thoughts on this canvas artwork, featured in our reception area.

In the coming months, we will share further updates, again expressing genuine thanks to Andriy for his vision and devotion to this vital cause!

Dr. Peter Marincovich

Meet Our Doctor

Since 1985 when I lost hearing in my left ear, I personally experienced the gaps in treatment options and necessary methodology to keep those affected by hearing loss connected. It has since been my focus to develop systems, processes, and methods, like THE MA5P METHODTM, to address the individual needs of my patients and create a solution that fits their lifestyle. If you are experiencing issues with your current Prescription Hearing Aid, I invite you to visit us to discuss ways to keep you connected to the things you love.

To health and staying connected,

Dr. Peter Marincoivch