Published On: September 10, 2021By
Lisa Dehner, CCMA-AC

California Attorney General Rob Bonta issued a consumer alert warning Californians to exercise caution when purchasing direct-to-consumer hearing products, such as hearing aids, over-the-counter or online.

With the growing availability and confusion about these direct-to-consumer hearing aids, it is important to know they are not prescribed by a doctor or from a licensed seller. This increases the probability of falling into a marketing scam and not having your hearing loss needs properly addressed. “False advertisement can be deceiving and without thorough knowledge of what signs to look for, someone could be spending money on a product that won’t be beneficial to them,” said Alondra, Lab Technician at Audiology Associates.

Hearing aids purchased without the right guidance from an Audiologist or licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser, may not be assisting your specific hearing loss, especially if your loss falls under severe or profound since most over-the-counter hearing aids do not have the capability to aid at that level.

Get checked by a licensed hearing professional.

Hearing loss may be caused by a variety of factors – from simple ear wax build up to more serious complications. While online or app-based hearing tests may be convenient, they may fail to detect individualized or serious hearing loss issues. You should also be aware that some over-the-counter devices are limited in their ability to fine-tune adjustments to your specific needs.

“Licensed hearing professionals, such as our Audiologists and Hearing Aid Dispensers, are not only trained and experienced in treating and diagnosing hearing and balance, but they also specialize in fitting hearing devices. Being checked by a licensed hearing professional would not only be more cost-effective in the long run but would also improve quality of life since adequately addressed hearing losses improve human interaction and communication,” said Alondra.

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Dr. Peter Marincovich

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Since 1985 when I lost hearing in my left ear, I personally experienced the gaps in treatment options and necessary methodology to keep those affected by hearing loss connected. It has since been my focus to develop systems, processes, and methods, like THE MA5P METHODTM, to address the individual needs of my patients and create a solution that fits their lifestyle. If you are experiencing issues with your current Prescription Hearing Aid, I invite you to visit us to discuss ways to keep you connected to the things you love.

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