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As Audiology Associates approaches its 30th anniversary, we continue to revolutionize treatment of hearing loss in three Bay Area locations through our The MA5P METHOD™

What is The The MA5P METHOD™? Since Audiology Associates was established in 1984, we have stood at the forefront of personalized hearing techniques. We have developed a holistic approach for patients ensuring that they maintain a life connected to their loved ones and passions despite having a hearing loss. Through our exclusive MA5P METHOD™., (personalized Assessment, Active Listening, Adaptation, Assistive technology, Aftercare and hearing loss Prevention), we reconnect patients to a lifestyle that may not have been possible without these comprehensive clinical services.

In summary, our ability to master the technological advances in digital hearing devices, while simultaneously assessing the human needs of the patient, is a balance of what I think professional hearing health care will be about in the future. We are not considering amplification until we know the patient and their specific needs. If the discussion does progress towards rehabilitation with amplification, our focus is on Adaptation. This involves connecting with the patient, and guiding them through an investment in long-term quality hearing health.

“Having acquired a hearing loss in my left ear 30 years ago, I can empathize with my patients, and find it as a way to further connect with them, hear their stories, and really tune into their individual needs, lifestyles, and feelings.” says Dr. Marincovich.

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