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OTC Hearing Aids - What you need to know

As your trusted Doctors of Audiology, we want you to know Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids are coming to market. While much publicity is expected, with many product claims (some true…) being made, you deserve to Hear the Facts and make well-informed decisions. Just like family, you can trust us to tell it straight.

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids, a new product category, will soon be available, off the shelf, in drugstores and other mass merchants. To emphasize, these non-prescription options are not those we currently provide. When further information on product details are available, we will expertly evaluate if and how they may complement our diligently selected hearing aid assortment. While manufacturers consistently present new hearing devices to us, we will not offer them unless they strictly adhere to rigorous quality standards in your best interest. To be clear, helping to improve your quality of life is our mission, with expert diagnostics, prescribed solutions, and exceptional service. As 1000s of delighted patients can attest to, the hearing aid which best fits your type of hearing loss, lifestyle needs, and budget is what we will suggest.

Understanding OTC Hearing Aids Compared to Reading Glasses

To help us understand OTCs, we look toward vision care to offer this comparison analogy:

  • Prescription Hearing Aids = Prescription glasses or contact lenses
  • OTC Hearing Aids = Non-Prescription reading glasses

Prescription glasses or contact lenses
(prescribed by an Ophthalmologist)

Prescription Glasses

Prescription Hearing Aids
(prescribed by an Audiologist)

Prescription Hearing Aids

Non-Prescription reading glasses
(from a Dollar or Drugstore)

Drugstore Reading Glasses

OTC Hearing Aids
(from a Retailer or Drugstore)

OCT Hearing Aids

In sight, evidence-based diagnostics and skilled expertise determine personalized plans of care to attain ideal outcomes, often referred to as 20/20 vision. Similarly, by listening closely to understand your daily challenges and quality of life goals, our Doctors of Audiology are dedicated to helping both of your ears achieve their best acuity, with prescription hearing aids at peak performance.

Hearing Aid little girl whispering to grandmother

As consumers, we recognize most products present Good–Better–Best categories, mobile phones for example. Realizing these versatile devices are integral to daily lives, most folks carefully decide which is best for them and once put into use, cannot imagine managing daily activities without them. Do you have an Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or another brand? In our experience, the iPhone and Galaxy models are most popular. Why? Because they are well-known and high quality, with an impressive array of reliable features and useful applications. For a moment, please consider how your daily communication would be negatively affected if your mobile phone, or hearing aids did not perform as expected.

We respect your need to Hear the Facts about Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids and for easy reference, this is actual documentation for the FDA’s ruling permitting them to be sold. While some may read all 65,000+ words, most will prefer a fact-based and logical summary. For your easy reference, we share our Hear the Facts, Make Healthy Choices, 10 Essential Questions, By Comparison.

10 Essential Questions

While non-prescription hearing aids may help some individuals with self-perceived mild to moderate hearing loss, discovering whether they are the right fit requires expert diagnostics and trusted advice. We passionately believe Precious Sounds Matter and your peace of mind is essential. As seen on TV’s pharmaceutical ads, our sound advice is to ask your Doctor, in this case, the knowledgeable audiologists with Audiology Associates. We are eager to respond to all questions, at your soonest convenience. Don’t miss out, honest answers will be heard, for your benefit.

Professionally Yours,

Audiology Associates

Dr. Peter Marincovich

Meet Our Doctor

Since 1985 when I lost hearing in my left ear, I personally experienced the gaps in treatment options and necessary methodology to keep those affected by hearing loss connected. It has since been my focus to develop systems, processes, and methods, like THE MA5P METHODTM, to address the individual needs of my patients and create a solution that fits their lifestyle. If you are experiencing issues with your current Prescription Hearing Aid, I invite you to visit us to discuss ways to keep you connected to the things you love.

To health and staying connected,

Dr. Peter Marincoivch