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Also known as “head noise,” tinnitus is the perception of sound in one or both ears when no external sound is present.

In the U.S., it is estimated that 30-35 million Americans struggle with Tinnitus and for approximately 2 million people it can be severe or even debilitating. Tinnitus is not a disease in and of itself, but rather a symptom of some underlying health condition. In many cases it is a sensorineural reaction in the brain to damage in the ear and auditory system.


With there being many potential causes of tinnitus, it is essential to get an evidence-based diagnosis and expert evaluation. From hearing loss to Meniere’s disease, medications, circulatory issues or physical ear damage, our thorough examination will help determine best treatment options. For those suffering from extremely bothersome conditions, ability to concentrate, sleep patterns, job performance and emotional well-being can be negatively affected. Notably, tinnitus is also a primary service-connected disability in veterans who deserve our best care, for life.

Most people with tinnitus also have hearing loss. In addition to improving communication, prescription hearing aids may reduce tinnitus symptoms. It is vital to consult with well-trained specialists experienced in compassionately diagnosing and managing this challenging condition.

You should know it is important to:

  • See your audiologist, primary care provider and other specialists as necessary
  • Understand reputable treatment options
  • Not accept “learn to live with it” diagnose

Tinnitus Risk Awareness

If you or a loved one has tinnitus symptoms, now is the time to take control. In close coordination with your other healthcare providers, we will prescribe personalized treatment plans that, with continuity of care, may lessen its negative impact on your activities of daily living. While there is no cure, there are mindful ways and therapeutic options which may reduce associated stress.

Earlier intervention is crucial and we are “hear to help” you navigate the pathway to improved quality of life. From trusted advice to ongoing support, our goal is to prescribe healthy habits which provide a renewed sense of hope that more daily sounds can be precious, not bothersome. Take control now, you and your family will be glad you did.

While we take your hearing care seriously, a little laughter goes a long way.

Good Humor, Healthy Hearing

I wonder if using the DO NOT CALL list will stop the ringing in my ears

Our Patients Say It Best

“This is the place to go if you want very knowledgeable, professional & friendly. They know what to do about your hearing. I am deaf on 1 side & almost deaf in the other. They made it where I can hear everything pretty well & no one can see the equipment I’m wearing.”


Dr. Peter Marincovich

Meet Our Doctor

Since 1985 when I lost hearing in my left ear, I personally experienced the gaps in treatment options and necessary methodology to keep those affected by hearing loss connected. It has since been my focus to develop systems, processes, and methods, like THE MA5P METHODTM, to address the individual needs of my patients and create a solution that fits their lifestyle. If you are experiencing issues with your current Prescription Hearing Aid, I invite you to visit us to discuss ways to keep you connected to the things you love.

To health and staying connected,

Dr. Peter Marincoivch