Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), how one thing can lead to another

Throughout life’s journey, while some healthcare situations are acute, like emergency room trips, other chronic conditions can affect us for years. Especially with long duration disease states, it is vital to learn how body systems may be gradually impacted, so potential problems can be managed and reduced. [...]

Learn How Your Ears Are a Window to Your Heart

On Valentine’s Day, many aspire to flowers, chocolate and loving moments. While enjoying heartfelt reflections, it is also critical to discover how healthy hearts and eating smart can positively influence our quality of life for years to come. With approximately 655,000 people dying annually of heart disease [...]

Better Hearing and Vision Just Makes Sense

Hearing and visual impairments are common in older adults, with an estimated 33% of individuals age 70 years and older are affected by hearing loss and 18% by vision impairment. Because the incidence and prevalence of these sensory impairments increase with age, hearing and vision loss will [...]

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids, You Should Know

As your trusted Doctors of Audiology, we want you to know Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids are coming to market. While much publicity is expected, with many product claims (some true…) being made, you deserve to Hear the Facts and make well-informed decisions. Just like family, you can [...]

Hearing Loss with Diabetes. Twice as Likely.

With November being Diabetes Awareness month, do you know about… What it is? Prevalence? Signs and symptoms? How it relates to hearing loss? Type 2 diabetes is dysfunction in how our body regulates and uses sugar (glucose) as fuel. This chronic disease results in excess sugar circulating through the bloodstream. When [...]

Ear to Brain, a Vital Domain™

Especially with our growing population of active seniors, it is important to understand how hearing loss relates to cognitive decline. Getting more exercise typically refers to healthy habits such as walking, biking, treadmills, swimming, yoga or gym routines. As these activities enhance physical fitness, it is remarkable [...]

Attorney General Bonta Issues Consumer Alert

California Attorney General Rob Bonta issued a consumer alert warning Californians to exercise caution when purchasing direct-to-consumer hearing products, such as hearing aids, over-the-counter or online. With the growing availability and confusion about these direct-to-consumer hearing aids, it is important to know [...]

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Q&A with Lisa Dehner, CCMA-AC Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser

Lisa Dehner helps people reconnect with family and friends by obtaining maximum benefit from the latest technology available and Interventional Audiology research. What is a hearing aid dispenser? A hearing aid dispenser is licensed through the State of California to perform Functional Hearing [...]

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